16 Function Super Pearl Rabbit - Pink

Seven Creations
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Features & Specifications

  • Ultra Ream Tip - Soft realistic penis tip twists left, then right a quarter turn, then a half, then three-quarter for thorough 6 speed Ream

  • Roto Beads - Left / Right Twist with 7 rows of integrated 6 metal beads that spin in 6 reaming modes

  • Clitoral Bunny - Clit Technology with an amazing 10 separate vibrator modes that pulse, build until your erupting with orgasmic sensations!

  • Vibration / Rotation SS twist controls with bevelled soft touch buttons

  • Ultra High Tech Display with buttonless touch

  • Removable Battery Cap with Tri Pack Loader

  • Super Power Pack slides out for easy battery replacement (uses 3 AA batteries not included)

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