Bailey and Natalie Threesome Masturbator (Flesh)

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Double trouble is double the fun with these two ladies who have one thing in common - your ultimate pleasure.

Bailey and Natalie are part of the Fresh Innocence range of male masturbators. This masturbator is in a dual lady design, with double pussy and double ass entry options. The ladies are stacked atop each other and you can penetrate them until your heart's content, either missionary or doggy style, as you choose.

The specially designed inner canals massage you perfectly while the supple real feel material will ensure a sexual session as close to the real thing as possible. Have the nubile threesome you've been dreaming of - get the Fresh Innocence of Bailey and Natalie and enjoy double the thrills!


  • Length: 26cm x Width: 30cm x H 13cm

  • Weight: 5.5kg Approx.

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