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Release your inner bogan!

Reckon you'se got what it takes to sweet talk you way to some extra Centrelink payments? Can you outrun the cops in thongs? Will you pay your child support or take off to Bali with ya mates? Well, find out in the game that'll let you and your friends be the bogans you all wanted to be.

Features & Specifications

  • Packed with Aussie culture

  • Its more ocker than you

  • Straya designed and developed mate

  • Its about beer, BBQs and bludgers

  • A dead set cracker of a game

  • Play in your trackie daks! 

  • Its Un-Australian not to buy it

  • For the price of a couple of lamingtons

  • Are thongs your primary footwear?

Then have we got the game for you'se!.

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