Destination Drunk Game

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Destination Drunk!

Ages: 18 + | Players: 2 +


This adventurous collection will have you screaming Japanese, bluffing like a Peruvian and drinking like a Russian!


  • BORED OF BEER PONG? – Shake up the party and introduce your friends to a whole new load of hilariously boozy party games from the four corners of the earth!

  • HUGE VARIETY – Experience the world’s oldest drinking game ‘Jiuling’ (China) as well as modern hits including ‘Rage Cage’ (USA) and ‘Flunkyball’ (Germany).

  • SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP RULES – The easy-to-read rule book will have you and your friends embarking on your world tour of booze in no time!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Contains 20 beer pong cups, 52 custom playing cards, 3 ping pong balls, 4 dice, 1 tennis ball and a rule book. Just add friends and beer!

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