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Get ready to feel the earth-shattering pleasure of the Affordable Rechargeable™ moove™ Remote, a round-headed vibrator with a gently flexible True Silicone® neck that bends with your body to provide deep, rumbling sensations via remote control.

Powered by Screaming O’s intense Positive® motor, the moove™ offers twenty FUNctions of vibration, including steady speeds and rhythmic patterns. If you’ve used a multi-setting vibrator before, you may have experienced frustration while trying to find the perfect speed and rhythm for you or your partner; one accidental push of a button, and you need to cycle back through every mode to find your favorite again.

The Affordable Rechargeable™ moove™ features a unique remote control which allows you to toggle back and forth between settings from up to forty feet away, giving you faster, easier access to the moove™ patterns and power levels that move you most. With more than 60 minutes of playful pleasure available on a single charge of its safer Lithium Polymer battery, as well as its 2-year limited warranty, the Affordable Rechargeable moove™ is an excellent way to add a touch of luxury to your lovemaking… without the luxury price tag.

Features & Specifications

  • Rechargeable flexible remote-controlled vibrator

  • 20 FUNctions of deep, rumbling vibration

  • Remote toggles forwards or back through functions

  • Bends for firm yet flexible pressure

  • Made from lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone®

  • Measurements: 105 × 51 × 210 mm
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