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Anyone who has tried any SilaSkin products knows that SilaSkin has very unique properties; ultra-soft and squishy but at the same time addictive to touch and super strong.

The Cruiser Ring and Cock & Ball combo products have been favourites of sexual athletes since Perfectfit launched them years ago. Now we are introducing the Stackit, made of our SilaSkin, it’s a compact and extremely comfortable cock ring, that is perfect for stacking and wearing for ultimate extended play or to show off your bulge under your clothes.

This is a premium product with an ultra- soft feel, just as you’d expect from Perfectfit.

Features & Specifications

  • So soft, designed to wear for sexy fun. Double over for more tightness.

  • Stackit is stackable - use a few or a lot to get more restriction.

  • Ultra-soft ideal for balls or for using as a bumper

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