The Mean Couple Romance Kit (Black)

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The Mean Couple Romance Kit is an erotic set complete for couples who want to start or further explore their desires and fantasies with control and restraint play. 

Kit includes: Cock rings, Love Rope, Vibrator, Handcuffs, Blindfold, Feather Tickler

The pair of erotic handcuffs are made of pink silicone, perfect for joining the wrists of your love and immobilize them for as long as you wish. The game will be even more intense in conjunction with the body immobilization rope, blindfold and feather, perfect to provoke irresistible sensations.  

The cock rings have different diameters and are adapted to various sizes of penis and testicles. They are used to enhance erection, maintain it longer and help delay ejaculation.

To complete your mix of pleasures, this bondage kit comes with a vibrator with 10 different vibration modes to enhance the sensations of this immersive night.

An essential kit for a wild night with your lover.

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