Bedroom Essentials 101

Bedroom Essentials 101

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I've seen the massive variety of products there are available to purchase, and it's understandable if some of you visit the website and are a little bewildered. There's so much choice, it's difficult to know where to start. So, just to give you a helping hand, I've written a little description of the products, and their varying uses (I'm sure I haven't thought of EVERYTHING though, so be imaginative!).

Products may fall in three categories; beginner, intermediate and hardcore, dependant on your experience. It's up to you to decide of course which category you fall into, perhaps the fact you are on this website in the first place is because you're looking for that something different, and I've no doubt that you'll find what you're looking for here. If, however, you're new to this, and are looking for something to start you off, then you've come to the right place. Experiment to your heart's content- everyone is different. Enjoy!

Condoms aren't the drag they used to be. They've progressed in leaps and bounds and have so many varieties it's hard to keep up! There are flavoured ones, to make giving blow jobs that much more tasty, ribbed ones for extra sensations, thicker ones for extra safety the list is endless. Browse the site and see what is best for you. Remember, they are there for your safety. If you're sleeping with someone whose sexual history you do not know for certain, protect yourself, both from pregnancy and STI's.

Make sure you keep your toys clean, particularly if they are used in both anal and vaginal play, or shared between partners. Cleaners come in handy wipes, or liquids. But make sure you are using the correct type for your toy.  

Don't be tricked into thinking lubricant is just for anal sex. It can be used in so many ways I'm sure I won't be able to list them all! Fun ways to use lubricant include; giving a titty wank; treating your man to a super sexy and slippery hand job; and, for the more adventurous of you, attempt a foot wank! There are many different varieties of lubricant. There are warming lubricants which when applied to the skin give a warming feeling. Flavoured lubricants are ideal for oral sex; ladies, you can even get chocolate! Look around and choose which you'd like to try. But please remember, if you're using condoms or sex toys, check that the lubricant is not going to rot them. There are different varieties, including water, oil and silicone based. So do your homework before buying.        

Ideal for a sensual night in. Oils come in different varieties, including scented and warming. Use massage oil as a prelude to sex. Massage each other, either in the conventional way, or by covering each other in oil and sliding up and down each other's bodies. This can be great fun, but a quick warning – don't put your best sheets on the bed!


For the couple comfortable with the idea of mild bondage, and trusting of each other. Removing one of your senses simply heightens the others. Not being able to see what your partner is doing, or about to do, can be incredibly sexy. Particularly if they're teasing you on purpose, you'll find your ears straining for sound to work out what they're going to do next. It's always advisable to set a “safe” word during any kind of bondage play in case the person wants to stop. Make it a totally random word, though, “no” or “stop” can be misconstrued in the heat of the moment. Teamed with handcuffs or similar restraints, blindfolds can be a very sexy introduction to the world of bondage. Some couples never want to take it any further than this, whereas for others this is just the start.        

Cock Rings

These come in normal and vibrating varieties. Some penis rings just go round the base of the penis, and other go around the testicles too. They trap the blood flow inside the penis, creating a thicker and longer lasting erection. And if that wasn't good enough – the vibrating ones can be positioned so they stimulate a woman's clitoris, or reversed for the perineum.        


One of the world's most famous types of vibrator. Really brought into the spotlight by the TV show “Sex and the City” – rabbit vibrators now come in many shapes and sizes. The basic design is a penis shape, with a little “arm” sticking out which has bunny ears at the end, which vibrate when switched on. The arm is positioned so that when the shaft is inside the vagina, the bunny ears stimulate the clitoris. Varieties include extra large or extra small, some have two “arms” – one for the clitoris and one for the anus, some have a setting which rotates the shaft for extra stimulation. Look around – you can always start with the basic type and upgrade later.

Braver and more confident men may also like to play with a Rabbit, either using the bunny ears on themselves or their partner, or even just watch their partner masturbate. Again, the possibilities are endless!        


Restraints don't just have to be handcuffs. They can be silk ties, ropes and cuffs. To begin with, don't tie or fasten them too tight, and always have a sharp pair of scissors nearby to cut the restraints if things get out of hand, or the restrained partner needs to get out quickly. Decide again on a safe word to stop play. Some people get very turned on by the idea of being bound, whether it be because they like to surrender and let their partner take charge, or they like the idea of being “used” as a sex toy or slave. Whatever the reasoning, be safe, and above all, enjoy. Used in conjunction with blindfolds, restraints can make for explosive orgasms and great fun!        

Whips and Paddles

Spanking crops & floggers, whips & ticklers, whatever you go for, a large element of trust between a couple is required here. The impact of being spanked or whipped gives the pleasure/ pain feeling which many people enjoy, but to an extent. Some people have higher pain thresholds than others, so start off softly and build up as and when the “spankee” requires it. Remember the “safe word.”

Anal Toys

Under this umbrella are butt plugs, which come in different shapes and sizes, but which all have a flared base to prevent it being pulled into the rectum. They also come in vibrating varieties for that extra ‘oooh.'

Anal beads are a series of beads attached together. Some are all the same size, and others start small and grow bigger. The idea is to pop them one by one (lube is advisable for beginners) inside the bottom (male or female) and remove either slowly, or quickly, dependant on preference at the point of orgasm, to heighten and lengthen it.

There are also double ended and standard dildos which are used for this purpose, but make sure if a toy has been inside the anus that it is thoroughly cleaned before using in the vagina again, as bacteria are transferred this way.        

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps come in standard and vibrating types, and are pretty self explanatory. They are clamped onto a nipple to increase excitement and arousal in those that enjoy pain. Some can be altered dependent on the person's nipple shape and size.  Some may find that they become extremely painful after climax. Also, women with larger breasts often have less sensitive nipples so they may be able to withstand more pain than others.


Strap-On's are NOT just for lesbians! Another myth busted! They were, of course, originally designed with lesbian couples in mind. Now, however, they are also used by heterosexual couples; either by the man on the woman, enabling double penetration without a third party, or by women on more adventurous men that are into anal play.

Lubricant is usually needed here, and please take extra care with cleaning, particularly if these are being shared.

Sexy Outfits

There is a huge market for outfits just now. Nurses' and maids' outfits have been around for years, but now there are outfits available for every kink and preferences, for males and females.

You can choose from sexy bra & panty setsfetish wearhosiery, chemises & teddies, and more. We also have apparel for him – there truly is something for everybody here. 

Role play can be fun and incredibly erotic, but set boundaries before it begins so there are no damaged feelings or egos.        

Novelties & Games

Games, body paints and sauces, edibles. Browse the website and you'll see there are pages and pages of things to choose from, all with one thing in mind – sexy fun! Sex Dice are great – most sets have two dice, one with body parts, and one with actions, i.e. roll the dice and you'll get “lick” and “penis.” Play the game until you can't take it any more and you have to pounce on each other!

I hope this article has been of use. This is but a summary of the sex toys and aids available on our website. All I can recommend you do is browse the site and see what takes your fancy. If there is something you're unsure of, read the reviews to see other people's opinions, or ask the friendly and helpful staff. And remember, whatever you order will arrive at your delivery address in discreet packaging, so the only thing you need to worry about is how soon bedtime will come!

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