Desire Water Based Intimate Lubricant 2 oz

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Enjoy your best sex!

Desire Intimate Lubricant is a liquid wonder meant to reduce friction and enhance those personal feel-good moments.

Effortlessly apply the stay on formula, then slip, slide, and glide into sensuous lubrication to make sex feel naturally better.

Water based versatility expands your pleasure options for more sexy freedom and fun.

Features & Specifications

  • Place where Desired

  • Rubbing creates fluidity

  • Long lasting formula

  • Reapply as Desired

  • Genuinely easy clean up

  • Desire Intimate Lubricant adds a fluid glide and extra comfort to intimate activities

  • Created to enhance pleasure and decrease friction

  • The long lasting, stay on formula is rich for easy placement and becomes fluid with rubbing

  • Developed by women, for women