Hero Ring - Black

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When is a cock ring not a cock ring? When the cocking ring is actually tear shaped! The Sport Fucker Hero Ring has been designed for a comfortable ergonomic fit.

The Sport Fucker Hero Ring has been designed to give a comfortable fit as well as a good solid erection. The tear shaped cock ring is made from a thick liquid silicone that has really solid construction. It is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top with a curved tear drop shape. It will stretch enough to get it on comfortably, but is solid enough to give a nice firm grip around the base of your manhood and balls.

The key aspect to this cock ring is the ergonomic design with the wider end sitting underneath your balls and the narrower end over the top of your manhood. If you're looking for a cock ring to help pack out your underwear to create an impressive bulge then this cock ring is good for extended wear and has good bulk to it.

The best way to put this cock ring on is to put your balls through the wider lower section and then you can either just stretch it over your manhood or you could rotate it so the wider section is at the top and then stretch it over your manhood.